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Malcolm Stogo, Founder

Malcolm Stogo, Founder,
Malcolm’s Dairy Free

Hi, I’m Malcolm Stogo, one of the world’s leading ice cream experts. At first, I was baffled by the concept of dairy-free foods desserts. How good can ice cream be without cream? What is a cookie or muffin without butter, eggs, or milk? I soon realized that there was a lot to be said for a delicious dessert that everyone could eat. Vegans, lactose-intolerant, and those who simply love delectable and sinful desserts should have delicious options that are dairy-free and healthy.

After many years of experimenting with the finest ingredients, I am pleased to say this health-conscious population now has a line of great dessert choices. I am proud to present my perfected line of hand-crafted dairy-free desserts.

Stay healthy and enjoy!

Why Malcolm’s Dairy Free Desserts?

I have learned that it is one thing to desire a dairy-free dessert, but quite another thing to find one that is delicious. Malcolm’s Dairy Free desserts have arrived! Eating a Malcolm’s dessert can help you feel better and is really delicious. If you are lactose-intolerant, you’re going to feel a whole lot better eating a Malcolm’s dessert. Less gas! Less weight! And your stomachaches, heartburn or headaches will fade away. Every one of our products has been tested over and over again to make sure they are delicious while also being healthy.

About Malcolm Stogo

For the last 25 years, I have been at the forefront of developing today’s ice cream concepts leap years ahead of the industry. I am the author of numerous books including Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts and Ice Cream Cakes. My latest book, Incredible Ice Cream, has been widely praised and is now available.

I am the founder and President of Ice Cream University and Malcolm Stogo Associates. I am also the publisher of Batch Freezer News and Ice Cream Store News, two quarterly newsletters on everything one needs to know about ice cream production and marketing.

In the 1980′s, I co-owned Ice Cream Extravaganza in New York, the largest single frozen dessert operation. I am also the inventor of the chocolate dipped waffle cone now being produced and sold all over the world.